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Jim has been an actor, singer, administrator, designer, director, and all-around theatre practitioner for almost 25 years, working in theatres from Alaska to Florida, from New York to California, and even cruising the world. Jim currently serves as Associate Producer and Casting Coordinator at American Stage. Previous management credits include freeFall Theatre (as part of the founding team), Florida Studio Theatre, Music of Denali Dinner Theatre, and the Melodrama Musical Theatre. As an actor, Jim has received multiple recognitions for his performances on stages throughout Florida’s gulf coast.

Jim currently lives in St. Petersburg, FL, with his rescue dog Chloe, and wife: actress, author, and playwright Natalie Symons.



TPD square.png
American Stage
St. Petersburg, FL
Jim as Stage Manager
Mar 13 - Apr 5, 2019


MM Alhambra.jpg
Alhambra Theatre & Dining
Jacksonville, FL
Jim as Sam Carmichael
Aug 7 - Sep 15, 2019
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Performance Calendar:


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Bilheimer Capitol Theatre
Clearwater, FL
Jim as Dwight Schrute
Feb 23 - Mar 14, 2021
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